Yoshino Cherry Tree

Prunus x yedoensis

Form: Symmetrical canopy, round vase upright
Growth Rate: Mod to Fast
Drought Tolerance: Moderate
Size: 35-45’ tall X 30-40’ Wide
Zone: 5-8
Salt Tolerance: Moderate
Light Requirements:
Full sun 
Soil Requirements: Well-drained, moist, fertile, hummus rich,
slightly acidic
Bark: Smooth; grayish brown marked with prominent lenticels; matures to gray and blackish gray with large, corky lenticel lines
Flower: Pale pink to white; very showy; blooms in Spring;
attracts insects
Fruit: Small, black drupes; attracts birds and bees
Foliage: Alternate, simple, doubly serrate, oblong, leaves, green summer leaves turn yellow to orange in Fall
Uses: Buffer strips, shade tree, along walks, over patios or decks, avenue plantings and in combination with other plants.

100 S Westminster Rd, Arcadia, Oklahoma

Monday – Thursday 
8:00AM – 5:00PM
8:00AM – 3:00PM