Royal White Redbud

Cercis cnadensis

Form: rounded spreading
Growth Rate: Moderate
Drought Tolerance: High
Size: 20-30’ tall 15-25’ wide
Zone: 5-9
Salt Tolerance: High
Light Requirements:
 Prefers full sun but can tolerate partial
Soil Requirements: It is very much low maintenance and can
adapt well to pretty much any soil, not matter its type or pH
range. Does best in soil that is rich in humus and has good
Bark: N/A
Flower: profuse, pure white, pea-shaped blooms, early spring
clusters of small, ½” long flowers
Fruit: Flat pods
Foliage: Young leaves are bronzy, maturing dark green, up to 4” long, heart shaped, turns a lovely yellow in the fall.
Uses: Specimen tree, shrub boarder, street tree, or lawn tree

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