Pond Cypress

Taxodium ascendens

Form: Pyramidal
Growth Rate: Slow
Drought Tolerance: Moderate
Size: 30’ tall by 50-60’ wide 
Zone: 5a-9b
Salt Tolerance: Moderate
Light Requirements:
 Full sun
Soil Requirements: Adapts well to most soil types, adapts well to wet areas, prefers low pH
Bark: Reddish brown, interesting exfoliating
Flower: N/A
Fruit: Brown round cone
Foliage: Needled conifer that has erect branchlets of bright
green fern like needles. Turns bronze, orange in the fall
Uses: Screen, specimen, street tree, large parking lot islands, parking lot buffer stirps. Good for urban areas; great to use in parking lots or medians; Cypress knees do not appear when planted in drier locations, but when growing in saturated soils conditions, knees may be produced

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