Nuttall Oak

Quercus nuttallii

Form: Rounded crown
Growth Rate: Moderate
Drought Tolerance: Moderate
Size: 60-80’ tall by 35-50’ wide
Zone: 6-8
Salt Tolerance: Moderate
Light Requirements:
 Full sun tolerates partial shade
Soil Requirements: Well-drained, moist, fertile, hummus rich,
slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soil; found growing in areas with infrequent flooding.
Bark: Dark, gray, brown; divided into scaly, ridged plates and
broken by shallow furrows
Flower: Brown male catkin; inconspicuous female flower; blooms in Spring
Fruit: Reddish brown acorns, 1 – 1 ½” long by ¾-1” wide
Foliage: Alternate, simple, coarsely lobed; new growth emerges
reddish and matures to a dull, dark green leaves; turns
orangered to scarlet in Fall
Uses: Large parking lot islands, lawn tree and shade tree, specimen tree and parking lot buffer strips Adaptable to moist or well-drained soil sites; moderately tolerant of air pollutants; needs large space for root system and crown development

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