Nellie R. Stevens Holly

Ilex x ‘Nellie R. Stevens’

Form: Broad Pyramidal
Growth Rate: Fast
Drought Tolerance: Moderate
Size: 20-30’ tall by 10-12’ wide
Zone: 6-9
Salt Tolerance: Moderate
Light Requirements: Full sun or partial shade may need some
protection from afternoon sun to prevent leaf scorch.
Soil Requirements: Well-drained, moderately acidic soil avoid
wet sites.
Bark: Dense branching
Flower: Small flowers that appear in spring 
Fruit: A heavy fruiter, bright red berries appear in the fall
and remain through winter. 
Foliage: Glossy dark green leaves are leathery and have spinose teeth. Bullate leaves with 1-3 spines along margin. Leaves consistently vary in number spines.
Uses: Specimen, barrier, hedge, or screen planting. Showy red fruit add winter interest.

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