Chinese Pistache

Pistacia chinensis’

Form: Oval Vase Shape
Growth Rate: Moderate
Drought Tolerance: High
Size: 25-35’ tall by 25-35’ wide 
Zone: 6b-9
Salt Tolerance: Low
Light Requirements:
 Full sun to tolerate partial shade
Soil Requirements: Moderately fertile and well-drained soil, but grows in all soil types that are welldrained
Bark: Gray-brown that peels to expose salmon-red bark
underneath; showy and attractive
Flower: Shades of red, yellow, and brown; blooms in Spring
Fruit: Bright red fruit ripens to a dark blue color
Foliage: Alternate; even, pinnately compound leaves; lustrous,
dark green leaves turn shades of orange and red in Fall; in
warmer zones, fall color is not as brilliant; each plant may vary in Fall color
Uses: Outstanding specimen, shade, or street tree

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