Bosque Elm

Ulmus parvifolia UPMTF

Form: Upright, round crown
Growth Rate: Fast
Drought Tolerance: Moderate
Size: 50-60’ tall X 30-35’ Wide
Zone: 5-9
Salt Tolerance: Moderate
Light Requirements:
 Full sun
Soil Requirements: Well-drained
Bark: The bark is wonderful with irregular fluting forming deep
creases from the soil line to the canopy. The bark is often multicolored. Mottled bark revealing patches of gray, cream, orange, brown, and green. 
Flower: Insignificant, small, reddish-green flowers late summer
Fruit: Single-seed wafer-like samaras
Foliage: Elliptic to ovate, shiny dark green leaves having small
teeth. Leaves usually turn yellow to orange in fall.
Uses: Works well has a lawn, shade, or street tree.

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