Austrian Pine

Pinus nigra

Form: Pyramidal Oval
Growth Rate: Slow
Drought Tolerance: High
Size: 50-60’ tall by 20-40’ wide
Zone: 4-7
Salt Tolerance: High
Light Requirements:
 Full sun
Soil Requirements: clay; loam; sand; slightly alkaline; acidic; welldrained. 
Bark: Dark furrowed bark is very attractive, particularly on older trees. 
Flower: Male flowers are yellowish in color and found in clusters. Female flowers are yellow green in color
Fruit: Cones are a shiny yellow-brown color, 2-3 in long
and approximately 2 in wide, persists for 2 years.
Foliage: Needles in twos, dark army green in color, needles are 4- 6 in long and persist 3-4 years, persistent leaf bases visible after needles fall, leaving stems rough, candles (buds) 0.5-1 in long, light brown and resinous.

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