Welcome to Deep Fork Tree Farm

We are a ball and burlap tree farm located in Arcadia, Ok. Arcadia is a peaceful community located 20 miles from downtown Oklahoma City, the location of the ‘Crossroads of America’. Our proximity to the intersections of Interstates I-35 and I-40 provide for direct and convenient shipping routes in any direction.

We grow premium quality, B&B shade and ornamental. Species and varieties are chosen for their native or adapted characteristics, which are suitable to growing conditions in our market. We manage our land to sustain productivity and our growing process begins with proper soil prep to promote root development.

Our structural pruning techniques develop strong central leaders with symmetrical, balanced canopies. We practice responsible fertilization and pesticide application processes. We harvest with care, using biodegradable burlap, high-quality wire baskets and ultra-strong seatbelt strapping so that rootballs may be safely handled from the basket. And finally, we load efficiently, to deliver trees in top condition at reasonable cost.

Our process includes knowledgeable cultivar and seed source selection, structural pruning to maintain a central leader and symmetrical, balanced canopy. The result is aesthetically appealing, sound, viable trees contributing a lifetime of beauty and value to your project.

From left to right: Allee Elm, Sawtooth Oak, Oklahoma Redbud, Princeton Elm, Swamp White Oak, Shumard Oak.
From left to right: Canaertii Juniper, Taylor Juniper, Idyllwild Juniper.